Welcome. My name is Jeremy Marshall and I practice Acupuncture in Hassocks and Hove and Wu style Tai chi & Qi gong in Lewes and Brighton.


I Provide Classical Acupuncture in Hassocks at the Heeler Centre and Avicenna Centre for Chinese Medicine in Hove.

I am also part of Hove Community Acupuncture team based at the tree of life clinic in Hove.

I provide authentic and effective health solutions for a wide range of problems using the different styles and methods of traditional acupuncture.

Acupuncture is a firmly established part of modern healthcare these days because it provides individually tailored medicine that places the individual at the heart of the healing process.

Tai chi and Qi gong are the physical manifestations of Taoist philosophy in action, and have much to offer us as ways to maintain our health, teach self defence and provide growth and insight to our lives. I am proud to teach traditional methods passed down from  the Wu family in Shanghai.