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Kidney warmers and keeping warm

The other day I saw a young lady walking down the street with her mid rift bare. Whilst I admired her denial of summers passing and championed her Britishness in making the most of any bit of sunshine. I did think of ¬†the fact that she was opening herself up to getting wind and cold […]

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Protection from Catching Cold

Autumn is upon us here in Brighton. Rain and wind are crashing down. Our Indian Summer has disappeared off into the horizon. Still there is a certain thrill in the weather being so chaotic. Nature lets us know we are just part of the audience when the thunder and lightening starts. It feels right too. […]

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New Beginnings

Welcome to my new website! New and updated the website aims to inform and show people interested in Chinese medicine, Tai ji quan and Qi gong what I have to offer in East Sussex. All things go in cycles. As we enter into Autumn, the time of Metal in Chinese Philosophy nature turns to letting […]

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