Kidney warmers and keeping warm

The other day I saw a young lady walking down the street with her mid rift bare. Whilst I admired her denial of summers passing and championed her Britishness in making the most of any bit of sunshine. I did think of  the fact that she was opening herself up to getting wind and cold directly into her back and kidneys.

The Chinese are very aware of external pathogenic factors, namely wind, cold, heat, damp and summer heat, and understand how they can come into the body and cause pain and restriction and then linger, using up valuable energetic resources that could be better spent on keeping more important parts of the body healthy. As we age these compromised areas effect us more.

I have treated many an old lady who can tell when its about to rain because her knee will start to ache; as the dampness is trapped inside and responds to the environment with osmotic changes. Often problems such as these start from injury, or in the young ladies case from just exposure to a large dose of wind and cold that the body is unable to keep out.

Kidney-warmer-ENGThe answer to this is the kidney warmer. A Japanese invention, it is simply an extra layer of material that wraps around the lower back and abdomen, exactly where is exposed when you bend down to tie your shoelaces. It protects your kidneys which in Chinese medicine represents your deepest vitality and reserves. Keeping this area warm means there’s extra energy available to maintain and repair the rest of your body. Leaving this area exposed means theres a drain on your resources. Even if it only represents 2 or 3 %, its still a waste of money in health terms.

So now its properly Autumn, get yourself one, they are even dare I say it, a great Christmas present….



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