Letting Go Buddhist Practice meets Chinese Philosophy

Tharpa ArtworkEvery now and again its very useful to go through your life and let go of those things that aren’t working for you.
The universe is a constantly shifting experience and  Impermenance is in essence its nature. As humans we often have trouble with letting go of things when they no longer serve their purpose.

I recently got back from Buddhist retreat, where we spent a week working with Vajrasattva, Buddha of purification. This is the idea that we need to dissolve and purify those parts of us that are unhelpful or are stopping us from moving forward. Our negative Karma in other words. Tendencies within us that come from the results of actions in this life and before.

So any internal shift will instigate an external shift in how you see and interact with the world. This means getting rid of those things that are holding you back in your own personal evolution.

Autumn is the time of the Metal Element in Chinese philosophy, the time for letting go like the leaves on the trees, before burrowing down for winter so we can arise refreshed in Spring.

So what can you change in your life?

Just acknowledging a situation needs to change is a first step. It could be a big thing like a job, a relationship, a living situation, an emotional response or pattern, an illness or just something smaller and more trivial. Clearing out the garage, repainting your room or throwing away those old clothes can be very powerful acts of letting go and purifying things that are stuck.

Letting go of things is only half the process, and this is where grief, the emotion of the metal element gets expressed. But by letting go we create space for other new opportunities to come into. It is the space that is where the growth can come and this is where the healing lies.

So go on, you are in charge, change your world!

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